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One foot in the past, one in the future

Santos is like this: in the City Center, we have buildings from centuries ago, which are the record of the memory and historical importance of the city and its illustrious residents. On the other, we have the largest port in Latin America, which is always modernizing and looking to the future.

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Tours in the Historic Center

Come and discover an important part of the history of Brazil, taking a city tour through the historic center of Santos. Discover the squares and monuments with historical and important figures, museums, and breathtaking architecture.

And in the meantime, come and discover the traditional cuisine of the city, with its charming and delicious restaurants.

Gardens and beachfront

Santos has the largest beachfront garden in the world, with 218,800 square meters. Come and take a boat or schooner along the beaches of the region, discover the magnificent gardens and be enchanted by the beaches and attractions.

Coffee Exchange Building

A fabulous historic building, erected in eclectic architecture. It had the function of sheltering the trading sessions of the coffee crops. Today, it houses the coffee museum. A mandatory and unforgettable visit.

Famous Walls

The famous walls of Santos are a trademark of the city, and they are everywhere! Be sure to buy a miniature of them.

The beachfront

Santos beachfront is an unmissable visit. Not only for the breeze and the view of the sea, but also for the beach gardens, the largest in the world. Worth the visit.

Historic center

The Center of Santos houses museums and historical monuments, very important for the independence and history of Brazil. Walking around the Center is living history in real time. Don't miss out.

Benedito Calixto Art Gallery

One of the last historic buildings on the beachfront, the Pinacoteca Benedito Calixto hosts exhibitions and cultural events.

The Bistrô Calixto is also located on its premises, a pleasant place to have a coffee, in the gardens of the Art Gallery.

Nightlife and Gastronomy

Santos has a lively nightlife. There are many bars, nightclubs and restaurants, modern or traditional for you to enjoy. The nightclubs downtown or the gastronomic options on Tolentino Filgueiras street await you.

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