Tailor made tours

Travel the best way: your way!

Turismo & Ideias makes tailor-made itineraries for each type of traveler or group. The trip is planned according to your time, profile, and budget. For those who are always busy and don't have time to plan a trip, our service is a great help.

Our Services

  • Complete travel planning;
  • Booking Hotels and Accommodations;
  • Transport agency throughout the trip;
  • Guide and translator service throughout the trip;
  • Planning and reservations for restaurants and other services;
  • Tips and scheduling of activities according to the places visited, such as beach services, nightlife, etc.

Only the best places

We choose, for our guests, only places and tours that guarantee us 100% certainty that they will be pleasant, and that they will provide an unforgettable experience! Starting from the briefing questionnaire, which will determine the guest's profile, we plan activities, based on the length of stay.

We have a series of options that are sure to please our visitors, from historical tours, with a guide and translator, to a relaxing day at the beach, with beach service included. Turismo & Ideias has a large network of partners, such as speedboats, beach services, hotels, restaurants, transport services, etc., so that we can offer a good number of options, and guarantee that no experience will be the same.

Entertainment for corporate events

Often, large corporate events, such as lectures, can last for days. There are many presentations and seminars. Thus, the stay for those accompanying these professionals can be tedious, since the companion is not necessarily involved in the activities of the events.

That's why having a company like Turismo & Ideias is essential when planning a big event: we provide entertainment, such as parties, tours, speedboat rides, lunches, etc., to entertain your guests, and the people who accompany then.

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