Corporate Travel

The best travel experience for your company and your employees

Turismo & Ideias offers all travel planning, reservations and personalized services for your company and its employees. We provide unique experiences, based on the traveler's profile and available time.


Our Services

  • Travel planning, from the arrival date, activities, security to the time of departure;
  • Reservations for restaurants, tours, activities and everything else the group needs;
  • Guide and translator service;
  • Personalized menu during the tours;

Receptive for travel groups

We have a team of professionals specialized in inbound tourism. We receive passengers and groups from all over the world to present all the beauties of our city. We create tourist and themed packages for shows, experience tours and personalized itineraries.

We only offer the best

Our team has guides and translators, ensuring that, whatever your language, we will be able to serve you with excellence. We also have the best suppliers, the best restaurants, and the knowledge to discover every corner of the place where we will receive your group, and ensure that you make the most of your stay.

We also have a security team, so you can only worry about having fun.

An unforgettable experience

More than just organizing a group trip, Turismo & Ideias specializes in creating unforgettable experiences for our travelers.

We want to provide trips that have never been experienced before, presenting new and local cultures to the traveler, so that he can truly live a unique and relaxing experience, or an unforgettable adventure.

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