Events. An important segment of the Tourism Trade

As the name implies, we do not only work with the travel arrengements, but with all parts of the tourism trade, which includes the creation and organization of Private and Public Events.

We work in all the phases that are necessary for the creation of successful Events, from original ideas and conceptions, to the marketing and publicity.

Turismo & Ideias Partner's Showcase

We have a network of partners to carry out the best events


We develop our own original events, from conception, development and publicity, always aiming to create interesting and creative events that can engage and entertain the public.

Event Development

In addition to our original Events, we also develop Events for companies and partners.

We help in project design, sponsorship, contracting services and publicizing your Event. We can develop parties, trade fairs, lectures, brand activation and whatever else you need.


Fun and creative parties, developed to public access, made for everyone to have infinite fun.

Mini Wedding

An intimate, cozy wedding ceremony with much closer proximity between the bride and groom and guests. It is the perfect format for those who dream of a very special day where they can enjoy the company of each guest as if it were a lunch/dinner with friends.


Conventions, lectures, conventions and summits. Everything your company needs, Turismo & Ideias can plan.