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Before making an investment in Travel and Tourism business

Have a conversation with Turismo & Ideias. Our professionals can help you invest better, more precisely and focused on the area in which you intend to work.

Development of tourism and research projects focused on the entire tourism trade, in addition to formatting and creating new tourism itineraries.

Turismo & Ideias Consulting Services

  • Costumer Service Consulting;
  • Travel Routes Development;
  • Open Courses: One of the biggest difficulties in the Tourism and Hospitality sector is the professionalization of services. We offer training in tourism, hospitality, events, entertainment for businesses and destinations. Regular courses offered to the general public and with a regular schedule;
  • Research in Tourism: Important tool to understand and follow the tourist profile, travel displacements, and trends for the future of tourism and for that we need data to make a plan that meets the specific needs of each location;


Accommodation service companies, such as hotels, hostels, inns that need, eventually, evaluations about the quality of their services and updating their methods, practices and staff, in order to guarantee excellence in the service offered. The service can also include companies such as restaurants, bars and any other type of establishment that involves welcoming tourists.


We develop specific tourist itineraries for each region, cities or states, based on the potential of each location, reception capacity, etc.